Connect with Us

WAAO (Winning Against All Odds) Ministries depend on volunteers who are willing to share their gifts, talents, abilities, and experiences to assist others who are facing challenging moments and difficult times.

We encourage you to Connect With Us through programs and ministry opportunities. An hour of your time can and will make a tremendous difference in the lives of countless people. We believe that true fulfillment is experienced when we pour into others what has been poured into us.

Additionally, our love for God is best seen in the way we care for others.

Hopefully you agree that ‘Alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much.’ Connect With Us and help to create a better world.

  • Opportunities to Heal ~~Support Groups
    • Spouses of Incarcerated Persons
    • Children with Incarcerated Parents
    • Families with Incarcerated Loved Ones
    • Beyond Grief (Overcoming Loss)
    • The Humpty Dumpty Experience – You had a great fall, so what?
      • (Overcoming Set-backs and Moving Forward)
  •  Opportunities to Serve
    • Operation HELP (Helping to Ease Life’s Pressures) through…
      • Joyce’s Pantry (Grocery Assistance)
      • Free Indeed (Prison Ministry)
  • Opportunities to Learn
      • Get Ready (Literacy Program)
      • Making Dollars Make Sense (Financial Literacy)
      • A Better You (Healthy Living)
  • Opportunities for Employment
      • Get Connected (Job Referral Network)
  • Opportunities to Worship
    • Operation Celebration
      • Ex-Offender Led Worship Experience (Adults Only)